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500 ml roasted and cold-pressed argan oil, insider tip from star chefs, without additives, directly from Morocco. Culinary.

  • The use of argan oil is not subject to any limits, whether meat, fish, poultry or with vegetables.
  • It is just as suitable for desserts as it is for spicy and hearty recipes.
  • Argan oil has a fairly high smoke point - it is around 250 ° C and is therefore suitable for frying.
  • Its fine nut nuance gives both hot and cold dishes an oriental flair.
  • Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins It is mild and the smell is reminiscent of walnuts or almonds, pleasant and not too intense - a sign of pure, high-quality argan oil Natural food supplement.

Cooking with argan oil is an insider tip in this country

The Amazigh, the Berbers in Morocco, have been using it for centuries, the so-called "gold from Morocco" known as argan oil. A number of well-known TV chefs have made it known in Germany as an edible oil and keep providing new culinary suggestions. Therefore, it is now known not only for its nutritional value and bioactive ingredients, but also for its culinary properties. Its composition is unique for a vegetable oil and therefore also interesting for vegan cuisine.

biobedouinen pure argan oil ingredients Ingredients:

100% cold-pressed argan oil from controlled organic cultivation.

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Our argan oil is not refined and also not cheap with others Edible oils blended. The analysis takes place in state-approved Laboratories. What we stand with our name.