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biobedouinen argan oil delicatessen, argan oil cooking oil:

Argan oil delicatessen rare and precious. The oil of the Atlas Bedouins has conquered its triumphal march in the noble kitchen in the fine restaurants of Europe. Argan oil gives a refined taste note in meat and fish dishes as well as in salads or vegetables. You can use argan oil delicatessen for both cold and warm dishes.

Argan oil, also called the liquid gold of Morocco, is not only tasty, but also very healthy. The specialty of the argan oil lies mainly in its valuable ingredients. It contains over 80% unsaturated fatty acids, approx. 35% linoleic acid, a doubly unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid that is one of the essential fatty acids. Argan oil has a very high concentration of tocopherols, the antioxidant effect of which strengthens the immune system. It also contains a number of ingredients with medicinal properties that have been proven in scientific studies. Even the ancestors of the Berbers of the Arganeraie used the oil to treat stomach and intestinal problems, heart and circulatory problems. Also for sunburn or to disinfect wounds.

Traditional medicine knows the use of argan oil for acne, windpoken, neurodermatitis, rheumatism, joint pain and hemorrhoids. So: argan oil maintains health and preserves beauty.

Roasted argan oil as a star of fine cuisine:

The high-quality argan oil is used as a star in fine cuisine. Argan oil made from roasted almonds is mainly used because of its irritating aroma and nutty taste.

Argan oil, healthy oil for delicious food:

However, argan oil is not only of great importance in medicine and in various clinical pictures. The tasty argan oil has also become indispensable in the kitchen. Roasted argan oil is used as the edible oil, which has excellent flavors. Cold-pressed argan oil, on the other hand, is the basic material for a wide variety of care products. There are numerous argan oil recipes on the Internet that can be easily and quickly imitated. Basically, you can experiment excellently with the high-quality oil and create new taste highlights. Many gourmet chefs now prefer the high-quality, nutty argan oil to give the dishes a special kind of aroma. In principle, all kinds of dishes can be refined with argan oil. It is used in the following areas:

  • fish
  • pasta
  • meat
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Desserts

Salmon tartare, marinated tuna, beef carpaccio from veal fillet, lentil salad, fresh mushroom salad, marinated zucchini, fresh strawberries with argan oil cream and crepes with an almond and honey filling are particularly well-known and popular. These are just some of the dishes that get a special touch from argan oil. The argan oil is becoming more and more popular thanks to its many positive properties and effects. The demand for the valuable oil is increasing enormously not only on the US market, but also in Germany. In some cases, argan oil is offered mixed with pomegranate seed oil, which also has particularly good properties. The mixture gives you a product that consists only of effective and good ingredients. Of course, you can also buy pure argan oil, which has a good effect on skin and hair. Since the oil is only available from Morocco, the government has decided to increase production due to the increased demand. In 2020, production is to be increased by up to 4,000 tons of argan oil.

Argan oil is known for its nutritional qualities, it also has important nutritional and beneficial properties for the cardiovascular system.

These two fatty acids have a recognized action against cholesterol.

Note that these proportions are the most important among vegetable oils; in particular, the linoleic acid content of argan oil is greater than that of olive oil. What is more notable than linoleic acid is called "essential" because it cannot be synthesized by the body. It must be provided from food.

Linoleic and oleic acids are known for their effects and cholesterol role. That is to say, plasma to reduce cholesterol in the body to prevent the harmful deposits, thereby reducing the risk of "butcher" and causing a heart attack.

The recommended daily intake of these two acids 5 to 6 grams. This is all the more important that these two acids are precursors of prostaglandins that regulate cell membrane exchange, natural argan oil also contains an amount of vitamin E 10 times higher than olive oil.

What are the active ingredients and ingredients that characterize argan oil?

The already mentioned unsaturated fatty acids are the most important ingredients of the valuable oil, mainly linoleic acid and oleic acid. To be added.

  1. Various antioxidants to protect against free radicals,
  2. Alpha-tocopherol, a vitamin E variant with a strong antioxidant effect,
  3. the sterols Schottenol and Spinasterol to support the immune system,
  4. Polyphenols (e.g. quercetin) with antimicrobial and cell-protecting effects,
  5. Flavonoids with antibacterial and antifungal effects.

Tocopherols are considered to be substances that can strengthen the immune system and protect the organism from environmental toxins. With Schottenol and Spinasterol, argan oil has two valuable ingredients that are hardly found in any other plant. Quercetin is known to have a similar effect to vitamins A, C and E: It has antioxidant properties and works as a radical scavenger.

The argan oil and its different flavors

The actual processing of the fruit always remains the same. When experts talk about the flavors, what matters is whether the seeds have been roasted and how often. Unroasted seeds tend to be odorless and clear. The taste is nutty. These oils are mostly only used in cosmetics. If the seeds are roasted, the oil has a slightly reddish color and is rather dark. The taste is also nutty but very intense. The gourmet chefs look forward to the argan oil because it seems to be an enrichment for the cold kitchen. If the seeds are roasted, this has the advantage that the argan oil can be stored longer. This was the finding of the Max Rubner Institute.