Argan tanning oil made from argan oil and carrot oil

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biobedouinen argan tanning oil, the natural tanning accelerator:

Looking for a natural tanning oil with no restrictions?

biobedouinen tanning oil made from argan oil and carrot oil

  • Carrots have a substance called "carotene", which has the task of protecting the carrot from the effects of UV rays.
  • Brown skin thanks to the active ingredient carotenes
  • Other ingredients of the carrot favor the tightening, rejuvenation and refreshment of the skin
  • Argan oil does not contain aggressive, possibly incompatible ingredients, nor does it clog the pores (not comedogenic).

The purpose of tanning oil is not to block the sun like a sunscreen, but to concentrate the sun's rays to speed up your skin's "shielding" process.

Argan tanning oil that offers some sun protection.

As with sunscreen, cover your entire body in tanning oil and reapply it often to provide an appropriate amount of protection

Carrot oil - valuable for skin, hair and more:

Carrot oil is primarily used to care for human skin. It makes skin velvety, smooth and soft. Accordingly, users prefer to apply the oil externally. The carrot oil can provide relief from abscesses or acne and help against ulcers and boils. Although it is applied externally to the skin, carrot oil has a blood-purifying and blood-forming properties. The oil can have a diuretic effect and stimulate lymph flow. Furthermore, carrot oil is said to have a beneficial effect on gall problems and in the menstrual phase. However, these are all individual statements with a subjective origin. In fact, there is no scientific evidence to confirm the properties mentioned. Natural herbal active ingredients have increased in importance for pharmacological research in recent years.

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Our biobedouinen sun tanning oil consists of argan oil and Carrot oil. 100% pure. Characteristic : .Anti-wrinkle skin care: Intensive treatment against skin aging for sun damaged skin. Support the production of Collagen and skin rejuvenation on the neck, counteracts forehead wrinkles.