Amlou almond spread with argan oil

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Almond paste or amlou is a natural product made from mildly roasted sweet almonds and delicatessen argan oil, bound with honey (almond paste).

particularly rich in natural antioxidants such as vitamins E, B and omega 6 as a spread, suitable for use in desserts healthy dip alternative for meat, fish or poultry No stretching from other inferior oils No glucose but 100% honey

  • biobedouinen Amlou Paste Vegan is a natural product made from mildly roasted sweet almonds and argan oil, bound with honey, a culinary experience for the whole family.
  • Is particularly rich in natural antioxidants such as vitamins E, B and Omega 6.
  • Suitable for every meal, as a spread, goes well with poultry, fish and sweet dishes. So creativity knows no bounds.

Amlou: Fine almond / honey / argan oil as a dip:

When I think of Moroccan cuisine, I think of bread dip and argan oil. The combination of these is called Amlou. Amlou is a shiny and addicting almond bread spread or bread dip. It is a specialty of the Berbers and spreads far beyond Morocco. It is also served with breakfast and tea. Of course, the dip is also suitable for an aperitif or as a side dish to every meal. Amlou is traditionally made from roasted almonds, argan oil and honey.

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How healthy is argan oil? The oil from Morocco is considered to be an exquisite specialty in the kitchen effective ingredient for skin care and as a potential protection against high cholesterol. The latter put at least a randomized Control study by the University of Casablanca and the Pasteur Institute in Lille close. Daily consumption of argan oil lowered levels of cholesterol and Triglyceride levels slightly. What part of it is in argan oil Having abundant sterols Schottenol and Spinasterol is remains to be clarified. However, argan oil ranks in comparison to other vegetable oils from a health point of view in the midfield. “It does contain many monounsaturated fatty acids, but also the content of Omega-6 fatty acids are relatively high. Of these we should go after Today's knowledge don't eat too many as they are in large quantities Promote inflammatory processes and have adverse effects on the Can have vessel walls. The desirable omega-3 fatty acids practically does not contain argan oil at all, ”says nutritionist Ursel Wahrburg. Native argan oil has an intense taste, which makes food one gives a nutty-smoky note. This oil represent above all Berber women laboriously by hand who work in cooperatives have joined forces. The high price of around 80 to 120 euros for a liter of oil in organic quality is therefore more from social and ecologically justified than from nutritional.