Red clay with rose water, natural face mask.

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Good looks: a mask with a red clay.

We know white or green clay, which is perfect for cleansing the skin when it is diluted with water. This natural mineral, which has receded in red, wakes up dull skin and reduces redness. We use this express mask. The millennial product, red clay, has many virtues for natural beauty. Discover the benefits of red clay for the most sensitive areas of skin, make-up or hair.

Red clay alloyed with sensitive skin

Red clay is very rich in trace elements and minerals and is recommended for sensitive and delicate skin. It improves blood circulation and thus reduces redness. It relieves the pain of irritated skin when used as a mask, balm, or even a wrap. It can be used neat, simply mixed with mineral water, which causes it to swell, or mixed with a hydrosol. Red clay softens, cleanses, detoxifies and has a healing effect. By exchanging minerals for toxins and impurities in our skin, it has a detoxifying effect and remineralises the skin. There is whiplash on the face and gives a good look. Very absorbent, it is perfect for mattifying and unifying the complexion. Eventually, as it stimulates blood circulation, it tightens the skin and awakens unkempt skin.