Peanut mousse with argan oil, 500 gr

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The Cuisine of Marrakech: The Spread of Morocco

It is quite common to be offered amlou when you pass sellers of nuts, dried fruit, and biscuits. Interested, tried or scared, rejected?

What is the amlou?

It is a culinary preparation from Morocco, more precisely from the southwest region, where argan trees grow in large quantities. From the Essaouira region on the Atlantic coast to the Atlas, the soils are rich in argan trees that grow on land. The amlou is made from three main ingredients: honey, sweet almond or peanuts and argan oil. Argan oil is extracted from the nut that grows on argan trees. This oil can be culinary when roasted. It is the main ingredient in the preparation of the famous Moroccan amlou. When it doesn't go through a roasting process, it is used as a cosmetic. Honey is mainly produced in southern Morocco. He has a privileged place in the Islamic world because he is known for his medicinal virtues. In Amlou, it is the element that gives the preparation a sweet note. After the olive tree, the almond tree is the second fruit tree that occupies the largest cultivated area in Morocco. Almond production in the Fes and Meknes regions north of Casablanca is very high. These three ingredients mixed together make a thick paste that is more or less viscous but delicious. It is drunk on bread. However, we advise you not to abuse it because this preparation is quite caloric ... which Moroccans generally consume at breakfast because amlou is known for its arousal properties. The amlou can be a pretty high quality product. To find it, it is often necessary to go to argan oil cooperatives, which are carefully crafted in Marrakech. In the souks of Marrakech, you can also find amlou from the sellers of cakes and dried fruits. This is not necessarily the word we just talked about. What we often find in the Marrakech merchants is made from peanuts rather than almonds. It is therefore cheaper and a bit fatter ... Although most people prefer the almond-based amlou, we recommend that you try them all as it is more refined. They both have delicious tastes!