Green clay. Gently soft beauty mask with a firming effect

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Green clay 100% natural ingredients With minerals Without alcohol, fragrances, sulfates and silicones Without animal testing. Vegan.

The green clay clay mask is only good for your skin.

Putting on a green clay mask isn't the sexiest time of the day. But there are only good reasons to put on this little green man's suit from space. The benefits of having a green tone on the face are numerous, especially on oily and acne-prone skin. How to use green clay in the beauty mask We tell you everything! There is blue tone to make dull complexions look good, there is pink tone for dry skin, there is red tone and white tone ... and then there is green tone! Certainly the best known of this family of minerals. Green tone lets you relive your favorite episodes of the Zinzin room while deeply nourishing your skin. Ready to wear the mask?

The advantages of the mask with green tone on oily or mixed skin

Green clay is known in cosmetics for its absorbent properties. It plays a role in the beauty of the sponges: it helps absorb excess oil and mattify the skin. However, this clay also has detoxifying properties due to its adsorbent properties. Quesaco? Absorb is supposed to fix the molecules of the skin. Green clay can remineralize and detoxify the skin. Result: It cleanses, purifies and purifies the skin ... to make the skin impure! So much to say that the clay mask is the foundation of the oily skin beauty routine! Oily skin must rely on a regular green clay mask to remove the enlarged pores.