biobedouinen argan oil anti hair loss set. Natural cosmetics

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Argan oil, one of the most precious oils in the world, is a real multi-talent in body care because of its high content of essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants. It supplies the skin with moisture and has a lipid replenishing effect. Result: smooth and supple skin. Dull nails and brittle hair regain their natural shine with argan oil.


- Rub your face, body and nails with organic argan oil. The skin should still be a little damp so that the oil can be better absorbed.

- As a hair treatment: apply organic argan oil to the hair, massage into the scalp and leave for half an hour. Then wash out thoroughly. After washing your hair, add some organic argan oil to the dry tips. The organic argan oil should be stored cool and protected from light. Argan oil anti hair loss shampoo with lavender, rosemary, grapefuit essential oil

This shampoo is recommended for hair loss and alopecia. Thanks to a composition rich in argan oil, your hair is well-groomed, shiny and supple. The essential oils of lavender, grapefruit and rosemary are really linked for hair growth and reduce hair loss. Your perfumed shampoo. Lavender essential oil also fights dandruff, itchy scalp, and helps control hair breakage. Apply shampoo with argan oil to wet / wet hair and massage the scalp. Rub with warm water and rinse off.