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Realize the quality of argan oil

Argan oil is a popular product, it spreads many rumors about its quality and how it is made. Resellers do not hesitate to highlight their product and neglect the products of the competition. Because of this, it is difficult to imagine that someone can really trust the other. Here are some explanations to help you make the right choice!

Authenticity or mixture?

Argan oil is becoming scarce by the day, so there are oils that are not pure and are cut with other oils. In fact, argan is a product that will degrade over time. The demand for cars is greater than the surface area of ​​argan trees in Morocco. Some unscrupulous producers mixed their oil with palm oil or sunflower oil. How can you make a difference? An oil that doesn't have or isn't is a bad sign. In fact, argan has a slightly more or less pronounced hazelnut odor. You can also put your oil in the refrigerator for a night to see if there is any separation between different oils. Corn station with this method, which eliminates a large part of the vitamins it contains.

Color and smell of argan oil

The argan oil is yellow, but must not be too clear (sign of a mixture) or too dark (evidence of poor quality of the kernels). It must have a slightly nutty odor. If your oil doesn't smell, it can be cut off. If the smell is strong and unbearable, then it was made with low-quality argan nuts. So, is my argan oil natural?

If it meets the points listed above, it is likely that your oil is of good quality.