Argan Oil - Coconut Oil - Hair and Body Care Pack

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Argan oil application & effects for hair, skin.

In addition to its use in food, argan oil is very popular as a cosmetic. In its homeland, it has been used for skin care for centuries. Above all, its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties come into play. Argan oil soothes scaly dry prone to irritation skin with acne disease areas affected by burns and should even help against rheumatic complaints. With the appropriate treatment, the argan oil is used both internally and externally. Taken orally, it can relieve the pain associated with rheumatism or rheumatoid arthritis; when applied to the joints, it has an anti-inflammatory effect. Wrapping it with cling film should increase the effect; however, it requires a relatively long exposure time of around two hours.

Used as part of hair care, argan oil counteracts this

irritated and / or itchy scalp Dandruff (new) formation dry, brittle and / or loose hair flat-fitting lengths For a pampering care regimen, distribute 15 ml of slightly warmed argan oil in washed, still damp hair and leave it on for around 30 minutes under a towel turban. Then rinse your hair thoroughly and carefully pat the lengths dry. After the usual styling, the entire hair will feel remarkably smooth and shine wonderfully.